Loans for doctoral students

  • February 4, 2020

In addition to earning a doctorate, a doctorate also offers the opportunity to devote yourself to scientific research for a manageable period of time. A job as a research assistant at a university is ideal for funding your doctorate, but the number of doctoral positions is limited.

Scholarships also receive only a few doctoral students; this requires either above-average performance or a topic rated by the scholarship provider as particularly worthy of funding. Doctoral regulations usually do not stipulate a maximum duration for the doctoral procedure, so that doctoral students can work part-time.

Experience has shown, however, that the completion of the doctoral thesis and the rigorosum or defense of the doctoral thesis require a lot of time, so that borrowing is essential.

Borrowing while at work

Borrowing while at work

The easiest way to take out a loan for doctoral students is if they work alongside the doctorate and have a sufficient income for lending. The doctoral student takes into account when borrowing that he probably does not work during the last phase of his doctorate and therefore does not earn a regular income.

Ideally, he decides on a loan with flexible repayment, which primarily applies to the credit line. The interest incurred is lower than the interest rates on the overdraft facility or even a loan through the credit card account. It is possible to apply for the required availability during the first phase of the doctorate and only to call it up after the parallel employment relationship has been given up.

Another possibility of taking out a loan during the doctorate is provided by small loans or installment payments, which are agreed upon without proof of salary, whereby the doctoral candidate will of course not make any false statements.

Special promotional loans

Special promotional loans

All doctoral students can take out a loan for doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctorate through the Lite Lender. A fixed income is not required because the salary that can be achieved after successful completion is considered sufficient security. Even negative Credit Bureau entries, with the exception of a personal bankruptcy application, are no reason to refuse the loan payment to doctoral students.

The most important advantage of a loan for doctoral students via Lite Lender is that the loan is only repaid after the doctorate has been completed. The Lite Lender doctoral loan is not interest-free, but has low interest rates. Some commercial banks offer doctoral students comparable offers like Lite Lender.

Depending on the supervising university, interest-free loans for doctoral students are possible, which are granted by the university, the student union or the student body. Since the budget for lending to doctoral students is limited, different quota arrangements apply at the individual universities.

These do not only refer to individual subjects, at some universities at least half of the doctoral loans granted have to be paid to women. It is not uncommon for university-based loans to be granted to doctoral students based on criteria similar to scholarships, so that good performance and an interesting research topic increase the chances of receiving them.


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